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Snow - 11 year old male

Meet Snow 💙

Available for Adoption

Small/Medium Male

Approx 11 years old

Currently in Stirlingshire

Transport Provided up to 100 Miles


This Lovely boy is Snow. He is a friendly boy who loves everyone he meets and making new friends.

He is a typical older boy who is looking for a quiet, loving home with a warm bed and lots of love for him.

Snow is gaining his trust every day and becoming more affectionate and playful. He loves to chew bones and chews and enjoys being brushed and ticked. He is a very sweet little boy.

Snow can live with Sensible Dog Savvy Children 8+. He has not met children within the home but has done well with children while on walks as long as they are respectful of him.

Snow would prefer a Pet free home so he can enjoy his own space. He will generally ignore other dogs and lives well with the other dogs in the home however can be 'grumbly' with overly playful or dominant dogs.

Snow is almost fully toilet trained. Snow is crate trained and goes into his crate on his own for some alone time and to lie down.

Snow can be left alone for up to 4 hours with no issues and sleeps well overnight. Snow is good overnight and sleeps at the top of the stairs or downstairs with no issues.

Snow accepts a collar, harness and lead and walks very well on this. He enjoys his daily walks with the other resident dogs.

He is very well behaved on and off the lead and has good recall. He can get distracted if there is a very strong smell and he loves to seek this out.

We always advise sensible and slow introductions to family members and other pets.

⭐Homecheck and match review apply ⭐




⭐Lifetime rescue back up applies⭐

ID Code:ADJUD - 188A

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