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Tackling the stray issue at the source - our upcoming spay campaign

Updated: Feb 21

Our core 2024 goal is spay, spay, spay - it gets to the root of the issue and helps to prevent the horrendous shelter overcrowding that causes so much suffering.

Although we're extremely proud of the number of dogs we rescue and love seeing them find loving homes, we're also committed to tackling the source of the stray problem. Trying to prevent so many abandoned dogs, especially litters of unwanted puppies, is our goal in this venture.

Preparations are being made and we're excited to announce that we have partnered with Romanian charity Aulim Smeura to carry out two spay days in Curtea de Arges this spring, on March 22nd and April 19th.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Aulim Smeura, we will be able to spay or neuter a dog for just £12, which will cover the cost of a health book and microchip.

Local residents will be able to bring their dogs or cats to be spayed free of charge, and we will make sure that every animal is given a health check and treated for any infections or skin complaints at the same time.

We're hoping to raise £1,000 to make this happen. Any funds we raise over and above this target will be donated to Aulim Smeura so they can continue their valuable work spaying as many pets in Romania as possible. You can donate to our appeal here.


How much is each spay procedure?

A spay procedure is usually around £25, but as Aulim Smeura is donating their time and resources to us free of charge, we only need £12 per dog to cover the cost of a health book and microchip.

Do you spay and release stray dogs?

No, we don’t. We can’t prevent locals from bringing in strays and releasing them straight away but we advise that dogs are kept inside after the procedure.

Do you spay pregnant dogs?

Only if they are in the early stages of pregnancy.

Will your vet help with aftercare?

Yes - we ensure that all our spay patients get the best possible treatment, including recovery in a temperature controlled room in the clinic. Owners will be given the number of our vet in the event of any emergencies or post op questions.

We’ll be updating you of the ongoing progress of this campaign so please follow our social pages for the latest news.

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