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Bear - 2 year old male

Updated: Feb 23

Meet Bear 💙

2 year old male

Small- medium sized

Available for foster/adoption

Location: Nantwich kennels, uk


Meet Bear, This cheeky little boy is a typical pup, full of personality. He is very independent and although loves your company he is not a very cuddly boy and will keep himself entertained for hours.

He can be a little nervous of new people entering the home which can cause him to be vocal however once settled he will be your best friend for ever!

He is a very playful boy and will play with everyone if he gets the chance, he can be mouthy but is very respectful when told to stop. He also loves licking, and nibbling your feet and backs of the legs when he is in a playful mood.

He absolutely loves his kong and will play with this even if it isnt filled. He enjoys warning the squirrels from the back garden but his family are working on his manners. The garden is his favourite place, he loves to explore and play games soaking up all the smells and sights, he can often be stubborn with coming back inside so will need some encouragement. Overall he is the most amazing boy who would fit perfectly into any family.

👨‍👧‍👦Bear can not live with children

🐕Bear can live with dogs following sensible introductions

🐈Bear can not live with cats

🐕‍🦺Bear accepts a collar, harness and lead and loves this walks. He can get very excited to meet new doggie friends on walks which means he can be vocal however is amazing once introduced and loves to play. He prefers to walk during the day as the dark can make him a little nervous.

Bear is toilet trained and crate trained. Bear can display destructive behaviours if left alone in a room and can destroy his blankets and bed etc.

Bear travels well in the Car. Bear can be left alone in his crate with no issues. Bear sleeps well overnight in his crate, he can cry a little at first but will soon settle.

Bear can display guarding behaviours around other dogs therefore should be fed separately at all times.




⭐️Homecheck applies⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up provided⭐️

SC- 043E

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