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Biscuit - 5 year old male

Meet Biscuit 💙

Approx. 5 years old

Large sized Male

Available for Foster or Adoption

Currently in Hampshire

Meet Biscuit. Biscuit is a very special boy with the biggest heart.

He absolutely loves everyone he meets inside and out and loves to be able to soak up lots of attention.

He loves his comfy bed, snoozing and enjoying lots of love, hugs and cuddles. He has a goofy personality and loves his Food. He is a clever boy and likes to be kept mentally stimulated with his enrichment toys and puzzles.

Biscuit has never been around children. He could possibly live with Older Dog Savvy Teenagers with Sensible introductions.

Biscuit could live with a Confident Dog Savvy Cat with initial separation and slow introductions. He currently lives with a cat who he is good with however he will try to chase cats while on walks.

Biscuit could possibly live with another dog with initial separation and very slow introductions. Biscuit currently lives with two dogs who he gets on very well with however was initially very reactive to the dog who arrived after him. Biscuit is also very reactive to dogs while on walks.

Biscuit accepts a collar, harness and lead. He wears his harness and muzzle on walks for more control and is always kept double leaded.

Biscuit is a very strong boy and will need an active home in a quieter area to keep up with his energy levels. He can be very overstimulated around other dogs which can cause him to be reactive. Biscuit enjoys his trips to secure fields to burn off all his energy and run around having fun.

Biscuit is toilet trained but is not crate trained. He has never been destructive and can be left alone for up to 5 hours with no issues.

He sleeps very well overnight and will only bark rarely if he needs the toilet. He travels very well in the car and gets very excited for his adventures.

Biscuit can be a very good escape artist. His home will need to have a secure garden to keep him safe.

Biscuit has not displayed any guarding behaviours around his food previously however his family feel this could occur if he isn't comfortable. He can guard high value treats or bones.




Homecheck and Match Review apply

Lifetime Rescue Back Up applies

ID Code: SC - 100E

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