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Blue - 2 year old male

Meet Blue 💙

Available for Adoption

Approx 2 years old

Large sized Male

Currently in Ipswich

Meet Blue. He is an affectionate boy once he gets to know you. He loves to play and cuddle on his own terms and is a very clever boy!

Blue is very loving. He moves your arm to cuddle him and loves to play ball, fetch and learn new tricks.

He can be reactive towards new people so he will need a family to work on this with him.

He is very smart and learns so fast! Blue loves puzzles and loves to sniff. Games with scent training are his favourite. He loves a football and rope chase game. He loves laying at the back door with his head on a pillow enjoying the sun.

Blue can find children overwhelming so would prefer an adult only home. He can bark at the older children within his current home. 👧

Blue would benefit from another doggy companion in his new home to help keep him company and build his confidence. 🐕

Blue has not met cats 🐱

Blue has good recall on the lead in quieter areas however will rush over to other dogs so it's best he is kept on the lead🐾

Blue is crate trained and loves to be in his crate overnight. Blue sleeps well overnight and doesn't wake up until everyone is awake.

Blue suffers with separation anxiety therefore will need someone who is home the majority of the time for him.




*Home check and adoption fees apply*

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*


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