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Chip - 8 year old male

Meet Chip 💙

8 Years old

Medium sized male.

Available for Adoption by donation

Location: Essex


Chip is currently living in Essex after being fostered since October 2020.

Chip has been described as a boy who loves to play and will need lots of mental and physical stimulation.

Chip is doing well on his walks. He prefers it when strangers keep a distance & don’t try to approach or stroke him. He likes going to places he has explored and rarely pulls on the lead. If a dog approaches him he can get quite excited and bark.

Chip is looking for a pet free home. He has been around children & will accept treats from them but would be better in an adult only home.

Once he’s built trust with you Chip enjoys a stroke and fuss. He loves treats and this can be used to encourage positive behaviour.

Chip can be anxious with sudden movements/loud noises.

Chip has been house trained and can be left for up to 4 hours without any signs of destructive behaviour. He sleeps throughout the night with no issues.

Chip enjoys travelling in the car and will happily get in the car and is not sick. He tends to look out the window.

Have you got room in your home and heart for Chip?

⭐️Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue backup provided⭐️

•spayed/neutered ✅

•vaccines ✅

•chipped ✅

PT - 1629A

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