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Erol - 4 year old male

Updated: 5 days ago

Meet Erol 💙

4 year old

Medium Male

Available for Foster or Foster with the View to Adopt

Currently in Essex

Transport Provided Anywhere in the UK


Meet Erol, Erol is a beautiful, loving and affectionate boy who has grown into an amazing boy since being with his family. He has overcame lots of nervousness and can sometimes still be a little cautious around crowds or noisy spaces so a quiet home is very important to him. He loves nothing more than cuddling and being stroked by his favourite people, he will cuddle up in the evening for some love. He is a very loyal and loving companion. Erol loves to keep his mind occupied and brain busy with lots of sniffing on walks and games within the home. Treats are his favourite especially chicken, cheese and peanut butter. He is a clever boy and knows lots of tricks such as play dead, sit, leave, watch, roll over and lady down.

👨‍👧‍👦Erol can be nervous around children especially if they are younger therefore he would prefer a home with only children 12+ with slow and sensible introductions and successful meets.🏡

🐕Erol does have lots of doggie friends he has built a relationship with however he does cope better with a single dog rather than in a group. Erol can share his home with another calmer dog following successful meets and with slow and sensible introductions.🐾

Erol has a very high prey drive and cannot live with cats or small furries.🐈

🐕‍🦺Erol accepts a collar, harness and lead. He walks well on the lead and doesn't pull. Erol loves to sniff on walks. Erol has previously been very reactive to other dogs while on walks however he now can happily walk past dogs from a distance with no issues. He can sometimes be reactive to flat faced breeds.

Erol loves to run around and often joins his family on long runs for up to 10KM however can also be a lazy boy is happy with shorter walks, especially if they involve lots of sniffing.

Erol can be nervous around new people visiting which can cause him to be reactive especially towards men. With several meets he can gain his confidence and except new people. Erol would therefore prefer a quieter home with minimal visitors.

Erol is toilet trained and crate trained. He has never been destructive and can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues. Erol can show guarding behaviours high value treats and bones so he will therefore need to be fed these seperately at all times. He sleeps well overnight in his bed downstairs and travels well in the car.




⭐️Homecheck and adoption fees apply ⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up provided ⭐️

SC - 054F

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