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Mikey - 8 year old male

Meet Mikey 💙

Available for foster and/or adoption by donation

8 Years old

Medium/Large sized Male

Currently in Northamptonshire


Meet Mikey. He loves meeting new people and is a big softy at heart.

He is a strong willed boy and is looking for a male primary carer in his new home.

Mikey is currently blind in one eye. He has a condition which means his eye is too small. This does not affect him.

He is a very hairy boy who is always moulting. He is currently brushed twice a day and loves this!

He is a very loyal dog and loves to always be by your side keeping you company and making sure you are safe; even if he doesn't understand personal space!

He is a very playful boy and loves to play rough with his favourite people.

He is very understanding of his strength and is always careful with the visiting child and the children he meets on walks.

He is a very clever boy who loves to be obedient and learn new tricks; especially for treats!

He enjoys it when his owner plays the harmonica and even enjoys singing along.

Mikey can live with Dog savvy children 10+ following sensible introductions. He is great with the visiting children in his current home. 👧

Mikey cannot live with other dogs. He is very reactive towards other dogs and will need a home in a quieter, dog free area. 🐕

Mikey would prefer a cat free home. He will ignore cats on the street and currently lives with birds who he is great with. 🐱

Mikey accepts a collar, harness and lead and loves his walks. He is best walked on a chain collar with a strong lead. He loves to meet new people on walks. He can pull on the lead to begin with however will calm down once he has done his business. 🐾

Mikey has previously been reactive to strangers within the home however will now be muzzled and will happily allow people into the home and enjoy lots of affection and cuddles. His muzzle can be safely removed after a short period.

Mikey is toilet trained and will sit at the door if he needs to go out. Mikey is not crate trained. Mikey can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues.

Mikey has not been destructive within the home and sleeps well overnight.

He can be nervous in the back of the car. However once he has arrived at his destination he will soon calm down.

Mikey has previously had severe food guarding issues however has overcome this and will now allow his food to be handled.




⭐️Homecheck and match review apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up applies⭐️

ID Code: SC- 084E


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