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Pickle - 2 year old male

Meet Pickle 💙

Available for adoption by donation

Approx. 2 years old

Medium/Large sized Male

Currently in the Vale of Glamorgan

Transport Provided up to 1 Hour


Meet Pickle. He is a very sweet lad who likes to be stroked, groomed, rubbed down with a towel and to have his 'sweet spot' tickled to the side of his ear.

He is a fun loving, intelligent, soppy pooch looking for his forever home.

He loves toys and loves to learn new things that get his brain working. He is very food motivated which helps with this.

He loves to play, especially having a rough and tumble with the other dog within the home and can often be found racing around the garden with him.

Although he is an active boy and would suit an active home with someone who can enjoy lots of adventures with him he can also chill out in the evenings for a cuddle.

His family feel he would love to take up agility training. He loves to jump over logs and has no worries using the agility toys in their local enclosed field.

Pickle really just wants to be loved and understood and will make the perfect companion for the right family.

Pickle can live with Older dog savvy children following initial separation and sensible introductions. 👧

Pickle can live with dogs following sensible introductions. He loves sharing his home with the current resident dog and is very playful although he can be rough with his play and will mouth. 🐕

Pickle does not like cats or small furries due to his prey drive. 🐱

Pickle accepts a Collar, harness and lead. He also uses a head collar for his walks as he can be a strong boy. Pickle is currently walked daily. He can be very overstimulated at first and becomes very anxious although he will settle after 10-20 minutes. He currently takes Valerian drops to try and improve this.

Pickle can be reactive towards other dogs while on walks and gets over overstimulated, His foster family are currently working on this with him and training the "watch me" techniques to lower his anxiety. If introduced to dogs on walks he will generally do very well however can be very dominant. Pickle would benefit well from socialisation classes to teach him how to interact better with other dogs. 🐾

Pickle can be nervous around new people visiting the home especially within his safe place which can cause him to bark. It will take a few meets before he is comfortable. He will however sit quietly for his current owner whilst they are talking and takes treats being thrown for him.

Pickle is toilet trained. Pickle is not crate trained however will use the crate with the door open.

Pickle has previously been left alone for long periods with no issues however can struggle being separated therefore in his current home he has only been left alone for 1 hour.

He also sleeps well overnight with no issues.

Pickle has only shown guarding behaviours once with the other dog in his home around a knuckle bone, therefore is always fed separately.




⭐️Homecheck and match review apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up applies⭐️

ID Code: SC- 062E

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